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Lust for the Italian Stallion

Oral CowgirlAgghhh! Found this from our holiday in Italy that I didn’t publish.

Monday, Sienna

I was woken this morning for the second day in a row by the bloody cockrels.  Only the previous evening had I joked with the owners of the villa at a party we were invited to that I hoped there were chicken kebabs on the menu.  But they didn’t get it and thought I was joking.

Just for your information the holiday rep kindly had a few words with them about relocating the birds whilst we were here and we finally saw the back of them on Monday.  Hurrah!  Until this encounter with them I had always wanted some chickens, needless to say I don’t any more.  Lol

The drive to Sienna didn’t take us long but the hike in uncomfortable shoes to find the tourist attractions did and played havoc with my feet.  Note to self, buy a map before you do anything else when visiting foreign climes.

Be prepared when  visiting Sienna to do some hiking up and down as the town is nuzzled upon hills and you will find the routes to places of interest involve a lot of additional upping and downing.  The majority of tourist attractions both here and in other Italian cities is primarily religious, be it churches or monasteries they are all so beautiful and the views are to die for.

Having had about 6 hours sleep in two days didn’t help and I was a bit of a grump at first, lack of sleep does that to me but I soon came round.  We ate a light lunch at a bar, pasta with peas and ham for me and Alex had pasta and pesto.

For dessert I wanted what I had been craving to try again ever since my last taste of it when I was a teenager…pistachio ice cream.  Mmmm.  I had seen a small gelato stand not far from the bar so after we ate lunch we made our way up the street for an ice cream.

The guy on the stand was just as yum as the ice cream, tall, dark and handsome but only in his early twenties, a bit young for me.  😉  However, it didn’t stop me letching at him.  We both selected a cone which based on English sizes would have warranted a couple of rounded and unsubstantial scoops.

What we actually got was about 1//2 a litre of the richest most delicious ice cream in each cone.  For the first time in years I can actually say I almost made myself sick trying to eat it all.  Lol  I had a bloody good go.

Afterwards we did some sight seeing of the local churches and piazzas before making for the car as my feet were now killing me and I was flagging.  Another note to self, sandals may be comfy walking around the shoe shop but after a few miles they start to dislike you.  Lol

Dirty In The Suburbs With Sarah Or Hot In The Sun With Jasmine?

Kirstie AllsopI love property programs it doesn’t matter if they are based around renovation or the acquisition of a second home here or abroad.  The appeal for me is seeing potential in a rundown property which nobody else has the insight to want to purchase.

I’m also, like most women, fundamentally nosey and love to look around other peoples homes.  It’s a bit like window shopping, unless you browse you don’t know what is out there.  Or something like that.  Lol

It’s probably a subject close to home too.  Alex and I invested in this property as a do’er upper, it was dirty part modernised and we both saw the potential when others didn’t.  If they could only see her now in all her glory, after years of hard work renovating and fixing she is a diamond and I will never fall out of love with her.

But there may be another reason I watch which didn’t occur to me until I posed myself this question “which property babe is my favourite?”.  Then I saw the light, most of these shows are fronted by a rather delicious female host.

I’m now struggling with so many names…Sarah Beeny, Amanda Lamb and then there’s Jasmine Harman…

I now think I know why these programs are so popular.  😉

Soapy And Wet, Hot Bikini Talk

HairWhat do women talk about at the hairdresser’s?

I know that there’s a standard array of hair salon small talk about holidays, the weather, the pets, the kids, the job … but how intimate does it actually get?

Not spending a huge amount of time in a salon full of women I can’t comment myself. Of course if I was there I think I might prevent any sort of openly sexual conversation starting up.

If I were to be a fly on the wall though, in the right salon, at the right time with the right clientele … What would I hear?

With the right chemistry women can open up and divulge the most intimate details to their friends. Are they close enough to their hair technicians to spill the beans on love and relationships?

It would be free counselling.

OK everyone – does it ever get that steamy, and if so doesn’t make your hair go curly?

Gorgeous Goth Girls

Goth SwishDid you know that it’s possible to depict a goth girl without covering her in tattoos and piercings? And when you do so they look rather attractive 🙂

Who’d have thought. LOL

If you like goth girls with body art then that’s great but for me it’s about pale and interesting, not perforated and decorated. Each to their own.

Girls Knickers And Bouncing

Lots Of BoobsI’ve just read an amusing tale about a kangaroo named Benji who escaped from his owner Petr Hlabovic and went on a saucy rampage in his home of Prague.

Benji was jumping in to back yards and “knicking” (get what I did there?  Lol) undies which were hung on the washing lines.

Two year old Benji was spotted by a woman looking out of her window to see him making off with her favourite undies.

His owner Petr claims he has no idea where he got the idea to pinch ladies undies from washing lines as it wasn’t from him.  However it did occur to me it would be the perfect way to get your hands on some naughty ladies undies.  😉

Flexible Fisting

Self FistingThis is a practice I haven’t engaged in, purely because I usually find the girth of a cock satisfying.  Don’t get me wrong I like to feel Alex’s fingers waggling around inside my pussy too, he is excellent at targeting my g-spot and making me squirt.

I think my comfort range quiet literally stretches to 3 of his fingers inside me, so why would I want him to push his fist inside me.  On the other hand ( no pun intended  lol) if you have petite hands then you would most probably manage to get inside me up to your wrist.

Food for thought and maybe some covert observations may need to be made.  In the meantime you can study this image and wonder at her flexibility.  😉

Soft Porn Equals Hard Cocks And Nipples

Wet T ShirtThere’s a review of an interesting adult DVD by Suze over on Erotic Buzz.

It’s nice to see something different coming out of the porn studios, something a little less hardcore and with more thought applied to its production.

It does fit in with some anecdotal and empirical evidence we have had from the high street and from trade shows, that studios and retailers are experiencing increasing demand for softer DVDs. The retailers are seeing an increasing move to both specialist and “couple friendly” movies and the studios are providing 18 certificate films because in the UK 18 certificate DVDs can be sold without triggering the need for a sex shop licence.

What next eh? Relationship advice from Max Hardcore?

Fuck Toy

StockingsVisiting my parents used to be quite a comfortingly mundane thing.  Alex and I would sit there sip our tea and chat in a convivially relaxed way.  We could talk about most things except exactly what I did for a day job.  Lol

Sitting in the conservatory was a relaxing way to spend a visit to the parents.  That was until they acquired their nutter dog.  He now seems to dominate most of our conversations and not in a good way.

I think I’ve mentioned before that their dog is a bit of, well, a nutter.  He’s perfectly likeable dog but is a really a bit of a social dropout.

For he insists on shagging his cuddly toys and doesn’t keep it secret.  He gets right down to it right in front of us all.  It’s so embarrassing, my parents continue to converse despite the fact that the horny dog is shagging his favourite bear.

I try not to make anything of it but it’s difficult at times and I find myself giggling.  This is closely followed by a vain recognition that they posses a sexually over active dog  I even remarked the other day that he needs bromide in his diet, which was well received but pushed under the carpet with a giggle.

However being a slight embarrassment means that we don’t have to linger too long and visits don’t become too cumbersome.  But I do wish they would adopt a cat next time.  lol




Sex On The Desk

Pink Polkadot PantiesAh, from our filthy minds comes another filthy story:

“He pressed his cock against me and I tensed up again, my almost virgin asshole protecting itself from penetration. I et myself relax and felt the bulbous end of his cock open my anus. His hands grabbed my waist as he pushed slowly into me, the girth of his cock stretching me wider than I had imagined. “Agghh!” I exclaimed feeling my asshole stretched. “Shit, shall I stop?” he asked. “No, I want this. I need this.” I told him.”

Read the rest here.

Spanish Shags Or French Fucks Sir?

Rubber KitchenI’m sure it isn’t just me that finds accents attractive and a big turn-on, if it’s the right accent of course.

Scottish, Irish, French, Spanish, well quite a few accents have an immediately engaging effect on me grabbing my attention and adding several points to the notional sexiness score that I’d apply to their owner.

It is of course the thrill of the exotic, the knowledge that the owner of the accent will be a little different, somehow, from you and those around you with accents similar to your own.

Added to this basic promise of something a little out of the ordinary is the knowledge that some culture have exciting elements that make anyone from another country immediately intriguing and the attraction of a potential partner with a foreign accent is pretty self-explanatory

I’m not the only one who likes to listen to a woman speak to me with an accent am I?

Lesbians, Real And Imagined

OrgasmPeer pressure is an incredibly powerful thing. Mix it with raging hormones and little social ineptitude and you have the perfect mix for some very peculiar behaviour. Which is why our school days are filled with exaggeration, embarrassment, but perhaps most importantly self-discovery.

I was reminded of my school days while watching an old episode of Doctor Who that one of my work colleagues has lent me on DVD. At school I watch it in a slightly different way than those around me. They were all awed by the monsters and the ray-guns, whereas I had just as much interest in the infinite possibilities that travel in time and space threw up. Oh and the cute assistants LOL.

I think everyone has something where they feel out of sync with their friends at school. And I think the most area in which we feel different from everyone else is our sexuality. The reason of course is that we are all different and have our own tastes and nuances that make us what we are. In your teenage years you don’t understand this and the rapid changes in your mind and body means that it’s awfully confusing.

I don’t know about girls but for boys it’s all about how big is your cock, when you first get pubic hair, have you kissed a girl, have you touched a girl’s breasts, or ass, or got inside her knickers. I suspect girls have it the same way.

This led to a lot of lies and bravado. It also meant a lot of my classmates fell into the trap of total conformity. The only acceptable sexuality was straight, girls were for a good time not people who you interacted and had relationships with too. If you hadn’t developed physically as fast as the most advanced boys in the year you were “a girl”. If you didn’t tow the line you were “gay”.

I suffered from this but less than some. I just fell inside the middle third. What’s that? Well the top third was the popular boys who had the confidence through their mutual massaging of each others egos and early physical development. The girls all lusted after them and everyone else wanted to be in their group. Well everyone apart from me because I always saw through the bluff and bluster to see that they were frightened schoolboys like everyone else.

The bottom third was the unfortunate bunch of lads who were picked on because they were either effeminate, late developers, or had family issues. It used to make my skin crawl to watch them being picked on.

I was (just) in the middle third. A bit geeky, and a late developer physically but just clever enough to keep my head down most of the time and able to slip under radar of the bullying taunting top third. Being second youngest in the school year I would have been open to abuse about my lack of pubic hair until most of the other guys had started to develop theirs. However I have always been rather well proportioned in the penis department so that kind of cancelled out any taunts about that.

Being in the middle third also meant that I was able to talk to girls as a friend without being seen as too much of a threat by the tops and not repulse the girls by being one of the perceived pond life at the bottom of the popularity league table.

Now I’ve got my self thinking about H. She was quite something and I’ll have to write about her one day.

Shiny Asses

MirrorWe’re having a bit of a latex phase over here as chez AlexSuze. It happens with a startling regularity and of course there is no mystery as to why. We both appreciate the female form and what better way to appreciate it then covered in shiny, sexy outfits.

Of course some people would argue that bare skin is what we’re after but Suze and I are of the opinion that the unwrapping is as much a part of the appreciation as the bare flesh itself. And you have to appreciate the skill and artfulness of these latex and leather costumes that are now available. Even if you don’t like the price.

Cock In A Can Is A Hit With The Ladies

Cock SoupThis is very juvenile, but we spotted this in the supermarket “food of the world” isle. The woman in front of us grabbed half a dozen packets of this stuff.

She must love Cock Soup.

Delivering The Perfect Blow Job

Blow Job KitIt’s one of a host of ways in which I pleasure my man.  And like all attentive partners I like to perfect my technique, testing different tongue movements, lips and tongue pressures and the addition of a mint every now and then.  If you haven’t tried the latter then you should, it makes Alex very tingly and his cock taste delicious.

I discovered the Blow Job Kit when I was surfing the net for naughtiness the other day and couldn’t stop giggling.  Check out the full details here.  It could change your whole methodology.  lol

Face It, You’re Addicted To Sex

Sexy PVC assWhen Roxy Music sang that “Love s The Drug” they weren’t singing about Love; They were singing about Sex.

Love is a wonderful thing, it has myriad hues and is the glue that holds much our humanity together. It is not however addictive in the same way that the hedonism of sex can be.

It’s strange therefore that love and sex are too often used in such an interchangeable fashion. That isn’t to say that love and sex aren’t intertwined, just not all the time. In a relationship where love and sex exist they can support each other, sex strengthening love and vice-versa. However one doesn’t equate to the other and it ‘s often a very painful experience for each of us to learn that fact.

In youth sex can happen without love. That can be for many reasons either the participants are not ready for love, or they are not yet aware of what love it. But mistaking sex for love leads to the painful lesson itself that they are two different things.

In older life love can exist with little or no sex, so is this love less potent? I don’t think so, just different and with a different set of goals and parameters.