Sleep Sex

By | December 3, 2010

You would think that it would be every guys dream to have a partner who insisted on masturbating and having sex throughout the night. And at first when I think about this with role reversal, or perhaps not as I’m bisexual it does seem like the ideal fantasy. 😉

But when you are sleep deprived strange your level of conciousness and ability to process thoughts or even carry out minor tasks is severely affected. You may be become depressed, lethargic and at worst schizophrenic.

So when you look at it from that angle, things don’t look so rosy do they.

I read an article about Belle Floor a 32 year old lady from Holland who had been suffering from sexomnia for the past 6 years and had failed to diagnose her. This resulted in her partnership with her 47 year old boyfriend ending as he couldn’t understand why she resorted to pleasuring herself during the night and though it reflected upon his bedroom prowess.

Belle continues to struggle with the ailment despite being offered a brief respite by taking muscle relaxing drugs but she quite rightly didn’t want to rely on a lifetime of taking drugs. This really is a very distressing problem to those who suffer from it and my perception has changed.

The moral to this story is be careful what you wish for.