Happy Finish Sir? Or Just The Straight Blow Job?

By | March 4, 2011

Going to have a massage, with extras *wink* is a running joke in the UK. The “with extras” bit is accepted as the natural response when someone has a massage.

Obviously it’s not referring to the big health spa chains here, but the smaller more local establishments, often in converted shops or in an individual’s house. It’s become the sort of joke you’d recognise as if it had been told in a Carry On Movie, losing some of its sexual connotations because of the context and frequency with which people say it.

Jokes aside I thought I’d look to see how widespread massage parlours are. Never having the need or inclination to look for one I’m only ever aware of their existence if they display noticeable signage on their premises that I might see as driving past them. Despite searching the Internet for adult material regularly I’ve never specifically searched for massage parlour services. The results were quite a revelation.

Either the industry is growing or it’s far more prevalent than I imagined. Individual parlous have websites and there are a number of well-established and well-used directories. But what really surprised me was the range of services offered, including BDSM.

I expected massage, jacuzzi etc, but not BDSM. I can’t comment on what form this would take of course but the mention of it really blew my socks off. Now of course none of the parlours can by law advertise sexual services in exchange for money and equally it shouldn’t be implied that any of them are doing that.

Made me think about what’s available out there though.