My Girlfriend, A Dildo And A Video Camera

By | April 20, 2011

Stockings And SupendersAttitudes towards sex change over time, and not always for the better. One thing that has changed, and in a positive way, is our attitude toward sex toys.

At one time, if your woman used a dildo you’d be hurt, upset, angry, maybe even threatened. Now it’s more common to want to get the video camera out and make a permanent record of your girlfriend enjoying her favourite toy for you to both masturbate over later.

Rather than regarding sex toys as perverse we now see them as a normal but naughty way of enjoying ourselves.

Here’s where I think women are ahead of men in the sexual liberation stakes.

It’s generally accepted that a dildo is now part of many women’s sexual experience and may be a regular cause of their orgasms. What isn’t so accepted and indeed is often ridiculed is the use of sex toys by men.

Men’s sex toys are catching up with the range and sophistication of those available to women but still lag behind. Is this because male masturbation was always regarded as a heinous sin to be discouraged? Yet female masturbation avoided this sort of denunciation because “girls don’t masturbate”?

Whatever the reason boys toys lag behind those you can buy for girls, often being expensive or badly designed and falling back to modelling them on the form of a woman. When I say form of a woman I mean external form because even if your new masturbator is modelled on a particular porn star the internal contours of the toy will be smooth or abstract and based on non-realistic ribs and bobbles to stimulate you.

These non-natural ridges and bumps are not necessarily a bad thing. Slavishly trying to copy nature has been a mistake that a lot of sex toys creators have made. Fucking a truly realistic pussy sex toy can be fun, even if the inside is not modelled on a real vagina.

All that does pose a question. Do you like to watch your partner masturbate with sex toys? Or does the mere thought of it turn you on?