Goth Chicks And Punk Girls

By | May 14, 2011

Pink WigI remember being too young to be a Punk. I desperately wanted to be one but the unfortunate timing of my birth meant that by the time the brief and explosive punk revolution had been born, burned brightly and consumed itself in its own angry ball of spittle and noise – it had passed me by.

At the time I remember comedians mocking the bands and making fun of the music. “How would couples dance to their tune’ on their 50th wedding anniversary if its lyrics were so awful and the music was so loud”. Yes that was one of the less than amusing jibes levelled at the Punk movement by a world that still didn’t understand the energy and power of youth, ideas and music. It’s as if the 1950s, 60s and 70s had never happened.

Strangely Suze and I do enjoy listening to, and feel strangely affectionate towards songs like the Buzzcocks “Ever Fallen In Love With Someone”.

Another thing I do remember at the time is that I was never very big on the punk look. It didn’t do it for me. However the more coutured and theatrical New Romantic scene did coincide with my early sexual development so this and the 1980s fashions do push my buttons.

Today of course Punk is just another style, another look. Not the political statement that it once was for some of those who were involved in the Punk movement. With sites like the Suicide Girls and many others offering Punk girls on the web ogling Punk chicks is now a bon fide fetish.

Funny how things have turned around from the disparaging sneers of 1976.