I’m Going For The Snip

By | September 15, 2006

Scissors and strap-onHa!  That got you all looking didn’t it?  No Alex is not off to have his pipework re-routed.  I went to the hairdressers for my quarterly visit for a trim.  Now I have my hair long there is no need to have it regularly styled (in fact, what is styling?  LOL)  I cut my own fringe and just have the ends trimmed off regularly.

I walked in to the uni-sex salon or do I now call it a bis-sexual salon.  I’m not sure.  But my hairdressers snip both ways.  The front of the salon is for the guys and the backrooom (wink) is for the girls.  It didn’t set out that way, we all used to eye each other up in the mirrors.  No, we didn’t.  This hairdresser’s is not one of the trendy ones and the cliental reflect that.  Myself included.  LOL

Tracey spotted me as we walked through the door and left her client to greet us.  Alex took a seat as I now take care of his style with the electric trimmers.  She helped me in to a gown and took me through to the back of the shop with a “how are you two?”.  “Fine”, I replied realising that she would be returning to the middle aged peroxide blonde.

I took my seat on the black leatherette and chrome chair and fastened adjusted the gown so it didn’t just hang on the floor.  Tracey was finishing off the womans hair, she gave her the last tease with the comb and then asked, “would you like some laquer to keep it in place?”.  “Yes dear”, replied the middle aged bombshell.  😀

She sprayed her hair liberally to keep in those curls and with a couple of pats stood back and tilted her head to one side awaiting a response from the womam.  She shook her head in agreement that she was pleased with the result.  Tracey finally picked up the hand mirror and angled it around her head so that she could pass the back and sides too.

The woman rose from her chair and untied the gown, then picked up her handbag and began to brush the hair from her shoulders.  Isn’t it amazing how the offcuts of hair always manage to slip under the gown and get on to your shoulders?

Tracey guided the woman to the till, where Angie proceeded to take payment.  “Right, lets put this over your shoulders”, she said placing a towel around me.  We walked over to the sinks and she began to wash and condition my hair.  I sat up and she wrapped my hair in a dry towel and guided me over to a chair by the mirrors.

She rubbed my hair vigorously and then removed the towel.  Then she started to comb through it with the wide toothed comb. 

“So, how are you.  Have you got a job yet?”  (she always remembers me and my personal details.  It’s an incredible talent, they must have hundreds of customers).

“I’m fine but I still haven’t found a job”.

“I’m sure something will come up for you”.  She cheerily replied.

She continued to comb though my hair and I felt every knot as she did.

“How is your house coming along?”.  I enquired.  She has an ongoing house renovation project and both her and her boyfriend are currently living with her parents while the work is done.

“We are nearly there now, just got the kitchen units to put in and the man is coming to do that on Wednesday.”

“Great, it sounds like the end is finally in sight”.

“Hopefully!. Are you going away this year?”

“No, we can’t afford too at the moment”.

“Oh…we just got back from Teneriefe last Monday.  It was good and the weather was very hot”.

She must have felt a little unsettled at asking me if we would be taking holidays because she quickly changed the subject.

“Did you do anything nice at the weekend?”

“Yes, we invited Caron and Richard over to our house”.

“That sounds good”.  (how did she know?)

“They err…swing you know”.

“Do they?”

“Yes, we met them online via one of those special sites”.


“We had only seen their pictures via emails but when they turned up…Wow, she was a looker.  Huge tits and a lovely smile.”


“We were so lucky to find a couple that we not just felt comfortable with but also wanted to fuck so badly”.

“You’re not shy are you?”, she replied a little colour appearing in her cheeks.

“We had a few drinks and things began to take off.  I took Caron upstairs slipped off her clothes and laid her out on top of our bed.”

Her eyes widened and her mouth was now open as she hung on my every word.  It’s the first time I have known a hairdresser be speechless.  😀

“I always keep my toys next to the bed, so I opened my drawer and grabbed my strap-on.  Caron smiled at me approvingly”.


I had you all hooked for a moment there, some of you must have been questioning the validity of this piece whilst trying hard to believe it really happened.  Unfortunately it didn’t.  It was inspired by an alleged documentary about swingers that We watched on Men and Motors one night earlier this week.

The program was purely fictitious and obviously aimed at the male market with it’s cliché content.  They focused on two couples and one single girl and filmed them both in the workplace and at home, then out at a swingers party.  Now ordinarily this would have made good viewing but it had no credibility at all.

This was for several reasons, as I recall:

Most of the guys who attended either around watching.

The girls only took on additional female partners and I’m sure there are a lot of swingers who would like to go MMF (MFM?) as swinging is not just about lesbian sex.

The interviews seemed to be scripted and wooden.
Participant’s houses seemed quite bare as if they had been rented specifically for the purpose of filming.

All the swingers interviewed claimed that their family knew nothing about their activities.  But they shot a guy on the golf course telling his mates what he got up to.  And the one that inspired this piece was one of the female partners having her hair washed at the salon and telling the hairdresser all about her swinging exploits.

I’m sure if you don’t want the whole world to know you swing you wouldn’t go on a television program and be filmed in action.  Give us some credit, we love to see what goes on in this lifestyle but don’t try and make fools of us by hiring unknown porn actors to ham it up for us.  LOL.