Thinking About Swinging?

By | September 29, 2012

Shay Hendrix And Sophia KinightI just finished reading a story about a couple of swingers in Germany.  Their daughter had watched a program on television about swingers and spotted her parents in rather compromising positions.
At first I thought how irresponsible they had been in allowing themselves to be filmed carrying out sexual acts without though for who would see them.  But as I read on my opinion on the situation changed.

They brought their case to court and were found to be consenting to the filming therefore were awarded a megre £160 in compensation which to me seemed unfair particularly as they had consented to being filmed as the production company agreed to pixelate their features out.

The company proclaimed that they forgot to pixelate them out and for some strange reason weren’t found to be at fault, which I find strange.  It’s quite obvious that they broke a confidence with the participants in their documentary and as such should be made to pay damages.

But it does serve as a warning that you should be careful to keep your sexual activities private especially where there are minors involved.  There are some things which shouldn’t be shared.

You can read the full story here.