The Guy In The Sex Shop

By | April 20, 2009

Sex Shop SignWe couldn’t stand to watch any more of the two porn DVD’s we bought last weekend from the sex shop. I think we managed to watch roughly three scenes from both and then gave up. There are some things that are just not worth pursuing. Lol

As you may have gathered from reading my post earlier, the choice of adult DVD’s although vast by number is not so when you get them home. I have scoured the shelves today to try and find something different.

I decided to look for some good lesbian porn. Not the kind where they daren’t touch each other and kiss with lips so far apart their tongues barely touch. No, I was looking for some good girl on girl, bring your strap-on round porn.

Could I find any! No. Every one I picked up from the shelf was tailor made for male viewing and stimulation. I’ve got news for you porn directors, now come up close, closer…WE DON’T GET OFF ON SUCKING FUCKING DILDOS, VIBRATORS OR ANY OTHER TOY. GOT THAT!

Sorry, just had to vent. Lol

Despite the difficulty of finding something worth bringing home we did have a bit of a laugh in there. Today it was hot and we thought the store would be empty. We were wrong, there were four guys in there. No women. Which added to the fun.

The shelves containing the adult entertainment are around one end of the room, with various shelving units running across the store. I moved in on the shelf I know usually contains the Harmony films first, just to check if there were any new releases. There was a guy already browsing the titles.

I had only been there for a minute or so and he moved around the other side. Thinking nothing else of it I reviewed the DVD’s and then turned the corner to check out the ones on the rear of the unit.

He moved again. And each time I progressed to his side of the shelves he moved. In the end I found myself doing it just to wind him up. Lol And just to make him feel even more uncomfortable I was openly discussing content with Alex as he shifted from foot to foot.

I don’t know if he didn’t want me to know what he was selecting or if he just thought I shouldn’t be there but it brightened up my afternoon.

If the guy is reading this, sorry but you need to lighten up a bit. Lol