Naked At Work

By | February 3, 2010

What is the right level of nudity for a work environment? I’m not talking about your actual colleagues here, that would just be pervy, although … sorry drifted off for a moment there. What I mean is how much nudity can you show on a picture on your desk or on the wall of your workshop of perhaps more likely on the screen of your PC before it becomes offensive to your colleagues?

It depends on your colleagues and each environment is different. You would have thought that in all male environments bare flesh wall-to-wall would have been the order of the day but even the most male of workplaces has a female visitor from time to time so that’s not always the case. Women might like a bit of lightly oiled beefcake as their desktop wallpaper, though it might make the guys feel a little inadequate at times …

With a little bit of common sense and sensitivity to others there is no reason why a little flesh can’t brighten up your workdays, unless the overly politically correct rules of some employers ban such customisation completely. There is one circumstance where you should definitely not be viewing naughty pictures on your PC – when one of your colleagues is being filmed and you are in shot.

This is exactly what happened to an Australian bank employee. He was happily browsing glamour pics apparently oblivious to the camera crew behind him filming a serious interview with his colleague Martin Lakos. You can read the details here.

There’s a link to the video here.