Porn An Education

By | February 8, 2010

I was watching some porn almost 2 years ago and noticed that more and more of the male pornstars in them had a deformity of their cocks.  They were curved, sometimes to the side and other times upwards and some more than others.

This intrigued me and made me wonder if these abnormalities were brought about through fucking accidents.  Had they somehow managed to “break” something due to a mishap, a misalignment.

After spending a while hunting around on the internet I discovered that this is a medical condition known as Peyronies Disease you can read my previous article about it here.

Personally I have never encountered this but I was reminded about my research brought about by my pornographic interests when I read this article in the Sun newspaper relating to an ambulance driver who left his condition to worsen until his cock was shaped like a horseshoe it had become so curved.

Here is his story and guys if you notice any hard lumps forming on your penis or a slight curvature, go and get yourself checked over, this condition is so easily corrected if prompt action is taken.