Screaming Orgasms

By | February 24, 2010

It often occurs to me that I cannot come quietly. I’ve tried, believe me but the more I stifle my moans the less “natural” it makes the moment. It’s nothing new, I have been this way all my life. Perhaps it goes along with my personality, I like to be open and honest, it’s who I am.

To me being quiet and not expressing myself vocal during sex is like not being true to myself. Does that make sense. To be quiet would be…well, acting.

There are times when I have to force my head in to the pillow to stifle my cries of pleasure. For example when little nephew stays over. It’s bad enough coming down from an orgasm with the cat sitting next to you on the bed looking bewildered, let alone a small child standing by the bed. No, thanks. Best to be quiet or at least try. Lol

And when I am alone in the bedroom masturbating with any of my toys I still find that I cannot stifle my cries of joy, even though there is only me in the room. It has to be an involuntary reaction to pleasure, much like blinking is. I don’t think about the noises I make and some of them may sound strange, guttural, emotion conveyed through sound.

Expressing my satisfaction and pleasure via sound bytes is part of me. However verbalisation is a different thing altogether. I find this difficult to come natural. The reason being that I become self aware. Too many times have I heard the lines bounce around my head. You know the ones. The cliché lines that allegedly you should come out with at the appropriate moment.

This has all conspired to make me self conscious. I’ve said this before. There are certain lines that I just cannot say, despite the fact that they may be appropriate and indeed add to the experience for me and my partner.

I just feel slightly uncomfortable saying them. This limits my sexual dictionary. I tend to just use the minimum of words like, “fuck me”, “yes”, “harder” and “I’m coming”.

How about you. Do you feel comfortable having dialogue during sex?