Famous People Having Sex

By | April 28, 2010

Fur CoatDo famous people have more sex?

Well I think that used to be the case. Glamorous personas seem to attract fans, groupies, hangers on … whatever you want to cal them rock bands were legendary for casual sex and occasionally bizarre sexual practices. Is it still the case though?

Despite some celebrities seeming to become more infantile by the day the rise of celebrity culture means that each of them has a responsibility to maintain a certain level of behavioural standards. I don’t mean they feel the need to set an example, that old fashioned notion doesn’t seem to occur to most of them. What I’m talking about here is that they walk a fine line between being a rabble rouser, with all the column inches it generates, and getting themselves “disgraced”. What amounts to a disgrace depends on the country you are in and the newspapers/other media’s attitude towards drinking, drug taking and sexuality.

So when it comes to ensuring your career is successful but not punctuated by a meteoric downfall celebs do have a bit of a problem. Perhaps that’s why they need publicists. But what has brought about all this musing about celebrity sexuality? Well Gordon Brown actually.

Today the Prime Minister got caught out because he was wearing a radio microphone from Sky News and made some less than favourable comments about a voter he had just been talking too. Whereas to the voter’s face he was apparently polite and amenable, afterwards he referred to her, amongst other things, “a bigot”. Our PM is developing a reputation for a Janus like personality and this seems to confirm it.

However he’s not the only person to do so. All celebrities have to be careful about what they admit to. How many actors spent years avoiding questions about their sexuality long after homosexuality was decriminalised in the UK? Changing the law is one thing, changing prejudiced minds is something much more difficult.

It’s not just the general public’s attitudes towards gay and bisexual people. There’s the UK’s ability to simultaneously hold the two beliefs that BDSM is both a bit of a laugh – a suitable subject for smutty innuendo – and worth of persecution by the criminal justice system.

What should a celebrity admit to or come out as being? One coming out as gay might be seen as brave and positive, the next “you’re no longer a suitable role model for such and such a group”.

If people were forced to show their true attitudes towards sexuality publicly so that prejudices could be challenged we might be able to get rid of the myths and bigotry that plagues anyone with anything outside what is generally regarded as a “normal” sex life. As it is we’ll have to put up with it, especially when someone’s career depends on them pretending to be something they are not. You can tell I’m getting sick of the election.

This is of course one of the reasons we keep ourselves to ourselves, shun publicity and don’t do identifiable pictures. Even what we we do, which is no more than many other adult do in their bedroom (apart from the running multiple adult sites and being the UK’s most prolific testers of sex toys) means that we have to stay anonymous. Otherwise our ability to be so candid would be compromised – I mean, imagine the scandal, what would the neighbours say?