Lots of Cock For Girls Like Me

By | July 25, 2010

Unknown PenisIf you were to set up your own museum in honour of something or someone, where would it focus? Have you a particular interest, development or person who inspired and inspires you to this day.

Does someone or something dominate your waking hours? Do you find yourself distracted by the very thought of it?

For me it has to be sex. I spend most of my waking and sleeping hours for that matter thinking about different perspectives of it. It is my world, from the adult product reviews we do, researching articles of interest, socialising with fellow bloggers on the Internet and everything in between. Oh, and yes, shagging Alex. Lol

So my museum would have to be devoted to sex and sexuality and how it has evolved over the years. What a museum that would be. 😉

My inspiration for this post is the very bizarre but interesting museum they have over in of all places Iceland. It is dedicated to the “Phallus” or to the uninitiated “Cock”. Of all the places to find a museum dedicated to all things cock you just wouldn’t expect it to be Iceland. See where having dark nights gets you. Lol

Take a quick look around and check out their image gallery and what ever you do don’t click on “Photo 5″….