Big-titted Girls And Wank Mags

By | August 5, 2010

Jennifer EllisonI don’t buy lad’s mags very often but I’ve bought a few over the last few months for research purposes. No, really genuine research. I have therefore hit on a problem that I’ve mentioned before. Buying skin mags from newsagents.

The last mags I bought were FMH and loaded. We went into the local Tesco and picked them up. The woman at the tobacco kiosk asked “Would you like a bag” not wanting to waste one I told her I didn’t, then as we walked to the exit I said to Suze “Do you think she meant, do you want a bag for your filthy, filthy magazines?”

Reading them you can see the editorial teams aiming at specific market sectors. Each magazine being a little different in its target demographic. They have different emphasis on features, blokiness and nipple count but all contain some elements of each other.

I assume women’s mags do the same but with slightly less nippleage.

Anyway, on with my research. I’m getting quite an old hand at these lads mags now. I’ve even started recognising the glamour models, a new experience for me.