Lapdancer Screws System

By | August 11, 2010

TummyI just read a story about another benefit cheat with a slight twist to the tale.  Carrie-Ann Knight of, get this…Poundbury in Dorset was caught out when a benefits assessor recognised her as being a local and well known dancer.  Again an amusing thought, did this assessor visit the club where se worked?

Carrie an ex bakery assistant started claiming sickness benefit in 2006 and received £10,882 in benefits between then and the time of her arrest.

She claims that she had tried to let the benefits office that she was working more than the 16 hours permitted on sickness benefit but hadn’t been able to because she was too embarrassed to tell them what she did for a living.

I’ve heard some stories in my time.  She obviously wasn’t too embarrassed to get up on stage semi clad and poledance though.  Somehow it doesn’t sound like a very plausible defence does it now.