Toning Those Titties

By | August 14, 2010

Lovely Jubblies CreamI was having a little bit of a mooch around the internet tonight as I do when I’m looking for some inpirtation for a post and I came across this cream.

It’s Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream from Lush which promises to tighten and firm the décolletage area and breasts with it’s mixture of organic oils and herbs.

Whilst checking out the properties and alleged effects of the cream I became more interested in how it was billed in the US as apposed to here.  For example the cream headlined “Luxurious Cold Pressed Oils” for the UK version of the site, whereas the US ran “Keep Your Knockers In Tip Top Shape”.  Lol

The UK site also ran this “Firming cream for breasts, necks and anywhere that needs a lift” and the US “Dirty pillows feeling too cushy?”  Don’t you just love the media and how they promote in different regions of the world.  🙂

BTW, have any of our readers used this, if so what did you think?