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Sex With Stephanie

Celebrity Big Brother must be a god send for the British Press, they run a new story about one of the guests every day and sometimes more. The latest one is that Stephanie Beacham admitted that she had once been offered £40k for sex.  Stephen Baldwin misheard her thinking she said £40, swiftly followed by […]


I consider myself to be fairly well educated in sex and sexuality, I think the commonly used terminology for this is “sexpert” but I’ve never come across trisexual. Well according to Alex Reid who is currently participating in the annual pantomime which is Celebrity Big Brother believes he is a trisexual guy.  I’m not sure […]

Watching Suze Cum

I remember watching Suze pleasure herself to clitoral orgasm for the first time and it was something quite special. I said it in a recent post, there’s always something new to be experienced, always a new facet of sex that presents itself. Until that night I’ve been the one administering the clitoral orgasms as it […]

Naked Big Brother

That’s what it’s turning into I fear. The UK’s Big Brother 10 contestants were notable by the fact hat they are the most self-aware and media-savvy group of wannabees yet when they entered the house last week. It’s also been the one we’ve watched least since series 1. the sparkle has gone from the show, […]

Cyber Girl Sophie 30GG Puts Out

Sophie Reade caught my eye on Thursday night when she made her way in to the Big Brother house with her bra unable to contain her, her nipples were showing over her bra cups. She is a pretty blonde 18 year old with a couple of obvious assets. Having had her breasts enlarged only 6 […]

Big Booba

The UK’s Big Brother Series 10 starts tonight and they’ve found a way to get us to watch it again. It looks like the wanabees are going to be even more ridiculous than last year. Watching something because it looks like it might be a car crash might be a little harpy-like on our part […]

The Ultimate Spy Cam Babe!

If you have been following this blog from the beginning way back in 2005 you will have heard me say this year after year, “I’m not getting entrapped in to watching Big Brother this year”. The words are still resonating in my ears from the last time I said them. Lol And ended up watching […]