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New Gym Fresh Sin

Today was my first visit to my new gym.  It’s not quit on the same scale as my old one but has everything I use in my routine.   Will be keeping it to myself if I see any of my old  gym buddies because they really couldn’t accommodate them all without queues forming. The female […]

Cumming At The Gym

You will have to forgive me regaling my tales of my trips to the gym over the next few days.  I’m sure my enthusiasm will wane.  Only joking.  Lol  Over the next few weeks I’m intending to ease myself back in to a regular regime of exercise, culminating in me being able to do it […]

Loving The Titty Jiggle

I’ve told you all before that I like to row and that there is a Power Plate behind me on the same floor.  This makes rowing slightly more interesting as the vibrations pass up through the floor, along the supporting bar and in to my plastic seat. This turns my rowing machine in to an […]

Hot And Sticky Girl On Girl

I vowed to make a return to gym after the holidays and being MIA for about 3 weeks over the break.  Sickness permitting I will be able to keep this up without disruption, as over the past few months I’ve had every bug going round. You will know if you regularly read my updates, I […]