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Slap My Pussy Big Boy

I enjoy watching porn on two completely different levels.  Of course there is the sexual stimulation level and the other is the production level, including acting and direction.  Bad scripting can kill a scene, I know were not talking BAFTA award winning productions here but if it’s poorly done then you may as well not […]

Suze Getting Into Porn

I remember the first time I went in to a newspaper shop with the intention of buying a porno magazine. My boyfriend at the time was a little shy about doing it so I volunteered. Nowadays you can just get online and find it all over the place, back then hardcopy and video was the […]

Porn, Chewing Gum And Lollipops

Getting dirty magazines was always an adventure when I was a kid. Before I was old enough it was a nerve-wracking ordeal to find a shop with a shopkeeper who didn’t give a monkey’s how old you were so long as you had enough cash to cover the cost of the publication. Having said that […]

Girlfriend’s Porn

Things are getting increasingly surreal around here at the moment. The more I think about it the more I realise how far from most people’s reality we actually are. Strangely bringing home the copy of the lads mag was greeted by “Is it any good then?” from Suze, rather than the “You filthy bastard, aren’t […]

Porn Virgins

My first experience of porn was a tattered shred of an old Fiesta, or Knave magazine found in the fields behind my primary school. I assume it had been stashed there by the older kids as a full magazine and never retrieved for one reason or another. The faded colour picture of a hairy muffed […]

Sucking Delicious Nipples

Good erotica, and good porn, should move you in some way. It shouldn’t just depict the act it should make you feel compelled to take part in the act to be jealous of the characters involved and make you imagine yourself in their place. There’s a big difference between watching porn or reading literary erotica […]

What Shape Porn Fits You?

From what I remember porn always used to have a story, or at least attempted a little narrative before the fucking commenced. It was seen as part of the build-up to the main event, whetting your appetite before the main course of sex. The content was different too. Anal sex was less common, pubic hair […]

Popping Porn

As we were in the area on Sunday we toddled off to the adult shop to check out the DVDs. It was only a flying visit but we couldn’t believe our eyes when we got in there. The place was packed. Normally it’s either empty or we share it with just a couple of other […]

Great Girl-Girl Porn

Despite having all sorts of things to get finished before Christmas I thought I’d try and do a little site maintenance and a few DVD reviews this weekend. To begin with I’ve added a section to our DVD reviews on Erotic Buzz to group together all the reviews on their by studio. I’ve started with […]

So Is It Free Porn You Want?

The UK has always had an uneasy relationship with pornography. It’s always been around in one form or another, but never so readily available as today. A prime example of this is the availability of pornographic movies, first on film, then video tape and now DVD. Or to put it more accurately illegally available on […]