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Cumming For A Living

It’s difficult to know how to assess people’s reactions to our chosen career path outside the industry. Luckily that’s not something that we chose to do and something that we haven’t had to do so far. The only people who we meet face-to-face in the context of adult blogging, sex toys and porn are people […]

Ready, Willing And Able For A Good Fucking

Prior to getting down and dirty tonight I was quite organised, grabbing a handful of “may come in handy” toys and depositing them between the pillows before we started to get down and dirty. I can’t count how many times we have been mid fuck and I fancied a vibratory accompaniment or a butt plug […]

Not So Sexually Deprived

I will admit that from time to time I covet new sex toys, I have to have one to test and review and until I get my hands on one I won’t stop trying. There is something exciting about being one of the first people to have not only played with a product but reviewed […]

Sex In The August Sun

August Sex Toy Roundup I’m starting to get excited as the weekend fast approaches because we will be flying over to Amsterdam for 5 days of naughtiness.  As mentioned before we will be visiting Scala’s open day and attending Mr B’s barbeque which is promising to be interesting. We are promised some authentic Dutch fun […]

Selling Sex

We both had a bit of a busman’s holiday today.  On the way back from the spending the morning at the mall we popped in to our local adult store.  Every now and then we like to check out if there are any new toys and the clientele, it’s interesting to see what the general […]

Big In The Bedroom And Fun To Ride

I frequently find that the male attitude towards sex toys and women is that they start to feel competitive and metaphorically start to fluff up their feathers.  Instead of toys being seen for what they are they become a threat to a male’s potency for some reason. This behaviour has become more apparent since I […]

Girls Enjoying Their Sex Toys

Time was when using a sex toy was seen as a bit dirty and rather difficult because of the very small range of sex toys available. On top of that if a woman used a sex toy men would often see it as threatening and if a man used a toy it was often a […]

Rub One Out For Me

I was hanging about on my social networking site today chatting to my friends when someone asked a question which made me think. They asked the question “Do you ever play and not use toys?”. My initial response was to say that I usually use toys these days because I’m lazy.  Which I suppose is […]

Women With Sex Toys Want More Cock

I’ve been thinking over this question in my head all day and I don’t seem to have arrived at an answer.  What question I hear you shout at the screen.  This one…”why do men seem to be threatened by sex toys?”. Now before you all jump in just consider these frames of reference.  Most porn […]

All Girls, Cum Together

Having been a sex toy reviewer for over 4 years now I have a nose for a good sex toy. Most of the time I can look at something and immediately tell if it will work or not. Sometimes I am surprised and a toy that may not look all that is good. It also […]

First Time With Sex Toys

The thrill of the first time has no substitute. And I’m not just talking about losing your virginity here. I was contemplating the range of sexual experience that Suze and I have encountered together. New relationships are fun and exciting but cannot compare with a rich exploratory partnership like the one we have. By knowing […]

Sex With Toys

I anticipated that the down turn in the economy would lead to more and more of us seeking our thrills at home. This in turn would I thought turn our thoughts to the basic needs of us all … including a jolly good orgasm. Don’t care how we get it as long as we do. […]