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Shay Hendrix Flicking Her Bean

Since meeting the gorgeous Shay Hendrix recently on our trip to Tanya Hyde’s porn shoot I’ve been taking a keen interest in her work. Today I found some really good pictures of her sploshing and this is one of them.  She really looks to be having fun don’t you think?

Creaming On Boobs ;)

I only heard about sploshing a few years ago.  It’s a food fetish which usually ends up with everyone getting covered in various items of food stuff.  And yes you’ve guessed it, cream seems to be a hot favourite. It’s something I’ve never tried, hurling food at each other and rubbing it on to each […]

Mud Baths And Gravy Wrestling

This could have been sexy but I can’t find myself being turned on by it at all. Jelly, bay, oil of course, but wrestling in gravy. Really doesn’t do it for me. Maybe it’s the though of all that salty liqud ending up in your eye *shudder*. Please don’t go there. Getting slippery during sex […]

Do You Love Sex?

Peace Cereal, Oregon, had to have the packaging reprinted for it’s products after a typo meant the number printed on the boxes was that of a phone sex line, instead the “Golden temple of Oregon”. In light of the fact that the number should have been an 800 number, does that mean there’s a toll […]

Sploshing Sex

It’s a fact of life that when you get involved in sex blogging and begin to explore the different aspects of sexuality and the adult world you pick up a few terms that to the man/women in the street are less than familiar. You don’t have to be in to a fetish to know what […]

Messy Sex

The competition to sell you stuff increases by the day, so ad agencies are forced to be more and more innovative all the time. Some of this innovation succeeds in ways that they probably couldn’t imagine. The video above is an example. While it’s obviously supposed to engage with the indulgent side of ice cream/chocolate […]