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Her First Anal

Anal sex has become a staple of the heterosexual pornography we all consume, where once it was seen as a predominantly homosexual activity. Like all porn, anal sex in porn is devoid of context. Even vaginal porn requires that performers clean-up, shave and lube-up to ensure that the camera gets a great shot and the […]

XXX Pick, Anal Sex Encore

There is something really naughty about anal sex and for me reading about it and watching it in porn is a huge turn on.  I’m still relatively new to being fucked up the ass and have to be extremely relaxed to participate which probably explains why I haven’t engaged in it very often. When I […]

XXX Pick, Anal Sex, My Nemesis Turned BFF

I was reading through the list of newly posted entries on Adult Blog Hub for my XXX pick of the day when this one jumped out at me. In the post Mrs Fun talks about an earlier impromptu anal encounter and subsequently how much she now enjoys anal sex. Being a newbie to anal sex […]

Deflowering The Anal Virgins

Here’s something that surprised me when I heard it. Some girls are having anal sex with their boyfriends because they are “saving themselves” for their wedding night. That is, vaginal sex is out of bounds so they can honestly say that despite having had numerous cocks inside them they are a vaginal virgin. Well, I […]

Double Anal Girl

Being a relative anal newbie I can’t help at be in awe at someone who can manage to take two cocks in the ass at the same time. I have only managed to successfully take Alex’s cock up my a few times.  It requires you to be 100% relaxed for it to work properly, otherwise […]

Anal And Me

As I caught up on my porn viewing last night it occurred to me just how much trouble the girls in the scenes go to.  And I’m not just talking about taking showers and anal douching in preparation but the constant maintenance that they undergo to keep themselves employable by the industry. It must cost […]

Anal For Alex

When Alex receives toys to test I love getting involved.  Wanking him off with a new masturbator is really enjoyable, it arouses me just as much as him.  Something to do with the power over a man to make him come I suppose.  It gets me hot knowing that I can give him such pleasure. […]

First Anal – Part 3

You can read the first two parts of this story here and here. It was early evening. Anne and Paul had slipped into bed to ward off the winter chill with some shared bodily warmth. Anne turned on her side so Paul could spoon behind her.  His hand reached around and naturally came to rest […]

Anally Inventive

Here’s an interesting thought. I was just washing an anal toy that we’ve recently acquired for review, and it occurred to me; Could you slip a butt pug inside your partner while they are asleep? I’m not talking about something big here, just a small one, something sensual rather than sphincter stretching. This may seem […]

First Anal, Part 2

The finger slowly circled Paul’s anus until he was fully awake. His muscular sphincter twitched involuntarily but he tried to relax, realising to his complete surprise that he wanted the finger to slip inside and probe his asshole. Anne noticed he was awake. “I couldn’t resist.” She said. “How does it feel?” “Nice.” His fingers […]

First Anal, Part 1

First Anal – Part 1 Paul gently rubbed her buttocks, letting the fingers of his right hand slide slowly over her naked skin as she lay face down on the bed in front of him. He was kneeling at her side, the warm air of the bedroom meaning they did not need clothes. His hands […]

Anal Sex Again

As I’ve mentioned many times before being in this relationship with Alex has been a sexual voyage of discovery. We had been open, honest with a deep sense of trust to be able to at least discuss our sexual desires old and new and in most cases carry them out. I’m still working on the […]

The King Of Ass Sex

I think that regular readers will acknowledge that we are pretty open-minded and accepting here at AlexSuze. So long as it involves consenting adults we’re at least willing to listen and don’t discount things out of hand. We review sex toys both here on AlexSuze.com and on our dedicated adult product testing site SexToysBuzz.com We […]

All Up For Anal

I’m a newbie when it comes to anal. I’ve attempted it a few times, even managed to take Alex’s cock but never really mastered it. You see the thing is that I can only do it as an accompaniment to being fucked. It feels uncomfortable and awkward if I try using toys when “cold”, that […]