At Gym, It’s Getting Hot In Here

By | April 9, 2013

It's Getting Hot In HereI’ve been going to the same gym for about 8 years now but the last 3 months have been in the newly revamped form it is now.  The old company shed a lot of its nationwide gyms and this new owner took the existing sites on.

So now we have a new interior and flooring and all the latest equipment but no steam room or Jacuzzi because this is a no frills gym.

That I don’t mind because to be honest I just want to get in there, do my stuff and go home for a shower and a cup of tea.

Here comes the moan.

All this would work so nice and smoothly if it wasn’t for the problems I’m having getting them to turn down the air con in the matted area I workout in.  For the first couple of weeks it was lovely and cool but the temperature has been gradually creeping up.  And now I don’t think they even bother having it on in there.

I’ve tried complaining to the “Staff” and have had various answers from them, some contradictory and others just plain bullshit.

Here are the questions I have a asked and what I’ve received as a reply:

Why is it so hot in that area but not out here?

We can’t control the air con it’s controlled at head office.

I was amazed with this one, I think he thought I was born yesterday.  I was so astonished that I didn’t say anything after that, the look of amazement on my face probably said it all.  Lol

People have complained that it’s too cold.

My response to that one, then why don’t they put a sweatshirt on?

They would probably pull a muscle if they did that.

At this point I thought he was really taking the piss.

The minimum temperature should be no lower than 19 degrees.

I said I would look into that as one of my friends works in Health & Safety.

At this point I thought it would be quite amusing to raise his awareness that it is easier for the ones who don’t want to get too hot at gym to add clothing than it is for me to take it off.

I then asked if I could bring my mat and all my equipment out in to the main area where it was cooler then and he pointed out I could workout upstairs.  Just one thing, I would be right in the way of the guys who use the TX training frame.  His suggestion  was based on the fact that they have mats around the area.

As you can tell I’m getting more than a little frustrated here.

I ask you.  Who goes to gym with no intention of sweating?

I’m not giving up.  All suggestions will be duly noted because I’m running out of common sense to throw at them.  Lol